What to Expect

A place unfamiliar to most, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), or specialized nursery, is designed to optimize the care of a sick newborn. The NICU is comprised of equipment specifically for babies who need advanced medical care, such as a radiant warmer or an isolette to keep your infant warm and monitors to track your baby’s heart rate, oxygen saturations, breathing rate, and blood pressure.

While the experience of the NICU may be overwhelming at first, we are there for you every step of the way. Our team will explain the process, what the monitors and other equipment are observing, and what information the tests are providing. Keeping your baby healthy and safe is our first priority, but keeping you informed, actively involved, and an integral part of the process is our second. We believe in family-centered care and encourage you to participate in our daily rounds to develop a collaborative care plan. Your role is critical to your baby’s recovery.

Parents are welcome at all times and encouraged to stay as long as possible. Being away from your family—including your other children, routine, and support systems—can be challenging. Our entire team, including the nurses, nurse practitioners, resident physicians, physician assistants, and physicians, are here for you and welcome any questions you have. For more information on what to expect, please visit Your Journey page.