Family Resources

While the birth of a baby is an exciting, highly-anticipated, and life-changing event for a family, having a baby that requires specialized care can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Some infants may only need a few days of intensive care while others may require longer stays of weeks to months due to more serious medical conditions. We are committed to helping families navigate this journey. 

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What to Expect

We encourage families to become part of our team. Babies are admitted to the NICU for all sorts of reasons. Let us walk you through the care of your baby in these circumstances.

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Your Journey

Your family’s journey may begin with a prenatal concern and consultation, need for help in the delivery room, or transfer of care from a community hospital. We will do our best to guide you through this process.

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Family Stories

You may feel alone in this experience, but there is a wide network of families out there that supports you and knows what you are going through. Here are a few stories from some of the families we have been privileged to serve.

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Helpful Programs

We partner with several exceptional programs that support families with babies receiving medical care, such as Ronald McDonald House and March of Dimes. Learn more about these valuable resources.

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News + Events

Our team participates in regional events and partners with organizations supporting infant and maternal health. We are actively engaged in quality improvement and advocacy initiatives to improve newborn care.