Billing and Insurance

Maine Neonatology Associates (MNA) physicians are not employees of the hospital, and thus our services are billed separately from the hospital’s billing.

Our billing department is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable specialists who will be available to assist you in receiving the insurance benefits to which you are entitled. We will submit claims to your insurance carrier on your behalf for services provided by MNA physicians in the care of your newborn child. In addition, we can guide you with filing insurance appeals should coverage of these services be reduced or denied.

Securing Insurance Coverage for Your Newborn

Your baby will need to be added to your insurance policy. Most commercial insurance companies require newborns to be added to their mother’s or father’s policy within 30 days of birth. If your newborn’s insurance is different than what is on file from the mother’s admission to the hospital, please notify our billing office at 207-650-2274.

If your baby’s primary or secondary insurance is MaineCare or Medicaid, we will need the ID number assigned to your baby in order to file claims. The hospital’s social services department has staff who may be able to assist you with the application process. This should be done within 7 days of your baby’s birth.

Billing process

Your health insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance carrier. If your baby has insurance coverage, claims for services provided to your baby will be sent to the insurance company on your behalf. The amounts your plan applies to co-­insurance and deductible will be your responsibility. If you do not agree with any amount that has been applied to your responsibility, please contact your insurance carrier.

In addition to submitting claims on your behalf to your insurance carrier, when applicable, MNA will send a monthly billing statement outlining the amount that is your responsibility.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

We accept all major credit card payments through our website. Payment by check may also be sent via mail to:

Maine Neonatology Associates
PO Box 656
Portland, Maine 04104


Please feel free to contact our billing office by telephone at 207-650-2274 or by email at to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance and Billing

Q.   I don’t remember seeing a neonatologist. Why do I have a bill?
A.   In the hospital, there are many people wearing scrubs or lab coats that are part of the health care team caring for your baby. It can be hard to tell a neonatologist from another doctor, therapist, or nurse. MNA doctors may care for your baby in the delivery room or nursery if your obstetrician or pediatrician asks us. We are often asked to see your baby if your baby requires specialized care.

Q.  I gave birth at a participating (in-network) hospital. Why isn’t my baby’s doctor a participating (in-network) physician?
A.  Not everyone who works in the hospital is an employee of the hospital. The MNA specialists that cared for your baby in the hospital are independent physicians. Although we participate with and are in-network for many insurance companies, we may not have an agreement with your particular insurance company (out-of-network). We realize you may not have had a choice of physician for the care your baby received. That’s OK. We will still bill your insurance for the care we provided. Our billing office will assist you in appealing to your carrier for additional payment so that you receive the insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Q.  Why did the insurance company send me a check instead of sending it to MNA?
A.  Each insurance company is different and sometimes they send you a check instead of sending it directly to us. When you get the check to pay for the care MNA doctors gave your baby, you can deposit it and pay us online, or you can endorse it by signing the back and writing “For deposit only to MNA” under your signature and then mail it to us. If your insurance company sends you a check for services provided by MNA, you become responsible for that portion of the bill and not just the co-pay and deductibles. Thus, it is important to forward these payments to us for credit on your account.

Q.  The insurance company did not cover the entire billed amount. Now what?
A.  It is important for you to check with your insurance company to find out what’s your responsibility, such as deductibles and co-insurance. You may also contact our billing office if you have questions.

Q.  I would like to pay my bill. What are my payment options?
A.  We have several payment options available. Credit and debit card payments can be made online with no additional processing fee. We also accept personal checks, insurance-issued checks, bank checks, and money orders for your convenience.

Q.  How do I find out the status of my account?
A.  Our office sends out a monthly statement showing the current status of your account. If your insurance has processed our claims and an amount is due, this will be reflected on your statement. If we are still awaiting the processing of our claims, your statement will show a zero balance pending insurance.

Q.  Have you billed my insurance?
A.  Our office relies on the hospital admitting department for your insurance information for your baby. If your baby’s insurance information changes or is different than what was provided to the hospital, please contact our office with updated insurance information. If we are missing any part of the current information, this may delay submission of our claims. If you believe any of your insurance information is incorrect or incomplete, please contact our billing office by telephone at 207-650-2274 or by email at

Q.  I have MaineCare or Medicaid. Why is your office sending me a bill?
A. Our office needs your baby’s MaineCare or Medicaid identification number. Once you contact our office with this information, we will send the bill to the appropriate agency. It is your responsibility to provide our office with your baby’s insurance information. The hospital does not always have this information available. Once we obtain this information, you will no longer receive a bill from our office.

Surprise Billing Information

For information about surprise billing, please click on the link below to view or download MNA’s Notice of Protections Against Surprise Billing.